3 reasons that fuel betting craze in Kenya

The betting industry in Kenya is still booming despite whatever betting regulations were put in place to try and curb it. The reason for the boom is arguably due to the locals’ culture, to the point that betting is already a part of the average Kenyan lifestyle.

Three things currently fuel the betting craze in Kenya, including the charm of instant money, the present society, and the technological boom in the country.

A bettor will only need to either get lucky or to bet carefully to win money instantly, and this belief is further spurred on by the knowledge that other bettors have already achieved such. Many people have already won big, and a Kenyan bettor has a chance to do the same. Winning money instantly certainly beats spending long hours working in an office.

The society itself is to blame for the betting craze in the nation since both the unemployment rate and the means of betting, from makeshift casinos to online betting sites, are high.

The last contributing factor to the betting craze in Kenya is the technological boom there that allowed multitudes of Kenyans access to the internet and look for sites that offer free bets in Kenya.

For more information on why there is a betting craze in Kenya, see this infographic by Chezacash.

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