Another Opportunity for Online Casinos

The start of the year provided a unique opportunity for online casinos – the widespread cancellation of sporting events had put a strain on the online betting sector and the lockdown efforts put in place granted those still available with an increasing audience – this saw a huge surge of new players moving to online casinos as a primary form of entertainment, with many users being retained when the lockdown efforts were lifted and many of us returned to the ‘new normal.’

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It seems that the same opportunity that had presented itself earlier in the year may once again be sweeping around yet again – with widespread warnings of a large second wave of the novel coronavirus hitting Europe, and local lockdowns being put in place with the possibility of full harder lockdowns following there could be another opportunity for online casinos to capture more players once again, although there had been a number of rule and regulation changes such as a recent ban on credit card betting in the UK and additional authority granted to initiatives such as Gamstop, many operators were still able to thrive. This period of time has also led to the launching of many new services to capture these newer players too, the ocean breeze casino review is one of these that have been able to stand out during this time in particular.

This may not be the only spot of good news for operators as recent movements in the tech world could spell a big difference for how online casinos are able to operate on our mobile devices. An ongoing legal dispute between both smart phone giants in Apple and Google against game developer Epic Games, the studio behind Fortnite, could see huge changes moving forward – part of the dispute had been around the change made for direct payments to avoid the 30% levy that is standard on the marketplaces, and with the vetting process by both it has been difficult for many operators to gain representation on these platforms. That could all be changing however, if Epic Games were to win in their efforts to see change, the vetting process, the 30% levies, and other approaches taken by the marketplaces to dilute representation could all change and provide a number of opportunities for these operators to move from only being represented on standalone websites to an opportunity to make it directly on to the big marketplaces.

These combined efforts could lead to a very exciting time for online casino operators and the growing number of players that use them too, representation on the marketplaces could see a huge increase in players alongside the ability to offer more bonuses, and the increasing number of players that will come naturally with another lockdown will be great for the operators – if sporting events see another set of postponements or cancellations as has already happened to a small degree, then these numbers will grow even more – many will be looking to round out the end of the year much as they had started, seeing growth where many others had struggled.

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