Choosing the best Casino Deals As per Your Rerquirement

No player who has applied my method to the letter has lost money in the long run. If we had to program a software so that it plays for me, it is with this technique that we will do it.

The 2 essential qualities of a poker-killer:

This game method requires 2 essential qualities:


You will need to be as reliable as a computer program. Be patient and rigorous and you will win! If you do not respect these 2 rules, you will run to ruin. And that’s good for your opponents. What is the only difference between the player who goes to the turn and the one who shows his cards? The only difference is the 2 closed cards at the start. The table is the same for the 2 players for anadolu casino.

Everything is played on the pre-flop

If you place yourself as a spectator at a table, and note for each player the variations in their dollar capital and the number of times they see the flop, you will see: That the players who win the most hands are the ones who lose money.

Sounds paradoxical to you, doesn’t it?

If these players win a lot of hands, it means that they participate in a lot of moves. They win a lot of hands, but how many do they lose? These players are wrong. The goal of poker is not to win as many hands as possible. We don’t play a battle, but a game of money.


If you play 10 moves, you win 4 to 3 dollars each and you lose 6 to 3 each, you lose 6 dollars. You will have won 4 shots, but you will lose money. At the end of the game, only the money you take with you counts, right? If instead of playing 10 moves, you had played 3 won 2 and lost 1, you would have won 3 dollars. That is to say 9 dollars more than your opponent who yet won more shots than you.


You bet your money on cards that initially have a much higher chance of winning the pot. The goal of the real poker player is to win money. One of the biggest rules is, “Every dollar you don’t lose is money earned.”

So those who see the least flop are the ones who accumulate the most gains. It is for this reason that we must play with patience.

Hand selection at the start of the pre-flop:

In the rest of this chapter, you will learn to adapt your game according to your position. A good player does not get involved with the same cards if he is blind or a non-blind player and the concept of sustainable betting.

What can that mean?

Imagine watching a horse race at a private racetrack. The amount payable for betting on a horse is $ 10. You have just 10 dollars in your pocket and not an extra dollar. Before the start of the race, you consult the sports pages of a newspaper. It is written that in his last 34 races, jockey Alex Martin on Cash convector has won 33.

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