Choosing Your Deals for the Best Bets in betfair

When you select a market, it is displayed directly in the center of the image, like here Match Odds. In case  of the 먹튀 sites you will be having the best deals now.

How does Betfair work?

All markets are divided into two columns: a blue column and a pink column.

The blue column, the Back column,

The pink column, the Lay column,

The best available odds are displayed in priority in the middle column. Followed by the other ratings offered another odds are proposed as soon as all the money bet on a odds has been bought by other punters.

Guide Betfair Exchange Zoom Odds Manchester

The monetary values ​​below the odds show us how much money is available for a given odds. This is called liquidity. Here, there is $ 67 available on the odds in favor of Manchester United at 1.82, $ 199 available on the odds at 1.81 and $ 452 on the odds 1.8.

Money Exchanged

To verify that a market is active, you can check the amount of money already traded. In our example, between Manchester United – Leicester : 18,989 USD have already been exchanged while the match only takes place in 9 days! This figure will increase dramatically as the match approaches.

The Other Things that you will have to take into Account

Thus, 5 hours before the match the number of money exchanged increased to 708 354 USD.

To trade effectively, you must ensure that there is enough liquidity and therefore bettors in a market.

Betfair Graphics

Betfair provides the graph representing the history of the previous prices exchanged. It’s a great tool!

What Are the things that you will need to Look for

We can see that the price of Manchester United has remained very stable for the moment and fluctuates between at 1.77 – at 1.85. This kind of graph is very useful. It allows in particular to apply to Sport Trading, methods from the financial markets. Thanks to the graph, it is possible to identify the areas of support and resistance.

How to place a Lay on Betfair?

Making a Lay bet on the Betfair Exchange is very simple.

Once you have selected the market on which you want to bet, you just have to click on the corresponding pink button.

Betfair Exchange Lay Manchester Guide

This displays an additional small window on the right (the Betslip ). You just have to enter the amount you wish to place in the ” Backer’s stake ” box and click on ” Place bets ” (place bets)

Betfair Exchange Betslip Guide

Once the Lay bet has been placed, your potential winnings or losses for possible outcomes are displayed under the name of each possibility.

Betfair Exchange Gain Loss Lay Guide

As you can see, the liability for this Lay bet is at 1.84.


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