Find The Smartest Choices in Sports Betting

It’s simple, the odds on a draw are usually higher than three accordingly, to be in the black, enough patency of 33.3%. There is also an underestimation of a draw by bookmakers (or small tricks of offices).

Example: a team from the second ten (at home) is playing and a favorite. The odds for such a match will be approximately 6.60 – 4.45 – 1.65. Most inexperienced players will load the second to win, simply because: “Well, these are the favorites, they must win against an incomprehensible team from 13th place”, How often we see when an outsider clings to a draw, thanks to the crazy support of the stands. This makes betting on draws even more logical (in such situations).

Game Analysis Tips

  • The current form. If an outsider has recently been good and playing at home against a favorite, it’s worth a look at a draw. Even in the case of a clear advantage in the class, guests (but the favorite should be at least 1.60 at a party and 1.85 at home).
  • The effectiveness of the teams. If both teams are grassroots, then a draw is more likely than the conventional Dortmund.
  • The status of the game. Yes, no matter how trite it sounds. The more risks, the more likely the absence of a large number of goals. Often in such matches draws are obtained. At the same time, do not forget about the first two points.
  • Team motivation. An outsider in good shape, who needs only a victory, or teams of equal strength arrange a draw an ideal option.

Where to get matches?

Meetings from sweepstakes

A useful life hack, because the bookmaker puts games here where it is difficult to predict the result, which means the teams, form and motivation will be approximately equal. You can go for the slotbola88 there.

Grassroots championships

Exclude countries where the average number of goals is more than 2.5. For example, Germany, the Netherlands and PSG games.

TM dynamics (2.5)

Look at any site for the movement of lines. If the ratio falls, then the match suits us.

Betting strategy for “goal from 1 to 15 minutes – no”

There is a theory that a goal in the first 15 minutes is scored in 18% of matches, and the coefficient on its absence is 1.30-1.35. The whole point in the selection of games, this is what the proponents of this strategy offer:

Play European leagues and European competitions, but the authors, for obvious reasons, are against Germany. The class of commands must be the same plus or minus. Look at the statistics of recent matches and face-to-face confrontations, pay attention to goals in the beginning. Games where the TB (2.5) odds are less than 1.85, or a draw in the first 15 minutes more than 1.35 are not suitable. This is an interesting strategy, led by a thorough analysis of games and teams. Betting on a draw in the first 15 minutes in each match is strongly discouraged.


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