Football Betting Myths – Know them to Win your Match

Everyone knows soccer. People chat about soccer with everyone and wherever, at work, on the bus, and at boring family meetings. The information comes from these debates give rise to certain myths like:

Bookmakers cannot be beaten 

The bookmakers have an advantage and it’s hard to overcome that advantage. There’s no question about that at all. But it could be achieved. You just need the right strategy and a lot of commitment to the mission. 

Trust expert predictions

The experts are not getting it right. They don’t, of course. This is a total myth, a little perpetuated by the media. The media is full of soccer experts. Some of them merit the mark. Yet several of them are not. The notion that you should trust someone’s forecasts simply because they’re on TV is incredibly flawed. Most of the time, they give personal views rather than some objective perspective. They’re just flat out guessing sometimes.

Parlays are for fools

This is more nonsense that is free to pass around. Amusingly enough, it’s always something people say as they want to prove what a smart bettor they are. And yet it proves the contrary. Now to be fair, here’s a little bit of reality. But then so some kind of wager can be made. It’s how and when you’re using the various forms of betting that determine whether or not you’re a fool. The truth is a lot of people are using parlays incorrectly. Parlays can however be profitable when used with the proper strategy. an online soccer gambling site provides various parlay gambling and online slot gambling.

Buying points must be bad value

The question of whether it is correct to buy points is divided between betting experts, and there are clear claims on both sides. There is however, one statement that isn’t even close to being solid. Bookmakers wouldn’t let you buy points unless they were of poor value. It’s a theory. And that’s a particularly dumb one. Not anyone who thinks this is meant to be betting at all. If that were valid, that would certainly also mean that any single wager offered by a bookmaker would be of bad value. Apparently, that’s not the case, but this is just not a reasonable argument against buying points. 

There is a valid argument as to whether or not buying points is the right thing to do. There is absolutely no merit at all in the idea that bookmakers would not approve it if it offered value.

Stats & trends are everything

Stats can be invaluable to a soccer bettor. There is a wide range of different team and player stats available, all of which are very useful for making educated decisions about what’s going to happen in individual games and during the football season. Trends are also very useful in time. They could help you make more accurate forecasts, that’s for sure. Many bettors depend entirely on states to make their betting decisions. Most prefer to follow the patterns they discover diligently.

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