Get Familiar With Live Dealer Hold’em Before You Play This Game

If you are seeking the best live gambling action or drama, then you must go with the option of live dealer hold’em also known as live hold’em. This is the exceptional variant of the very popular game – Texas Hold’em. It offers the opportunity to play against a real dealer instead of other players. You’ll see a professionally trained and knowledgeable dealer shuffle and deal the cards right on the screen of your device.

Enjoy The Excitement Of Live Hold’em

Unlike land-based gambling venues, live dealer hold’em is available to play anytime and anywhere – on the train, in the park, at home, etc. No matter which device you pick to play this game, you can rest assured about fairness at all the time and completely safe environment. Once you select your table, you’ll see a live HD video as an overview of a game. You will also find a friendly dealer with whom you can easily interact via a web camera and microphone.

Where To Play Live Dealer Hold’em?

Finding the right place to enjoy this game is not tough because numbers of live dealer casino websites boast this game with an array of delighting features. Choose a site that is fully tested by independent auditors and licensed by renowned authorities. A trusted site comprises tables for players of every skill level and better odds. They feature premium HD video streaming and multi-device compatibility. You will find numerous bonus offer to improve your bankroll and multi-angle camera to change the view.

How Live Dealer Hold’em Is Played?

Even though you will play against a dealer in live hold’em, multiple players have the chance to win in any given round. You could win a payout of value that ranges between 1-100, based on the hand you’re holding.

Here is how live dealer hold’em game is played –

  1. Ante or Initial Bet

Start by placing a wager on the ante bet.

  1. Two Face-Down Cards

A dealer will deal 2 face-down cards to himself and 2 cards to all players.

  1. Three Face-Up Cards

3 face-up community cards will be dealt on the table. Participants can use them as basic cards to create the hand.

  1. Call Or Fold

Once the cards are dealt by the dealer, you can choose either to call or fold. If you decide to fold, the hand is over, a specific round ends, and you will lose your initial bet. On the other hand, if you choose to call, you can continue the round by placing another wager, which is 2 times the initial bet or ante.

  1. Turn And River

These are 2 face-up common cards dealt by a dealer if you call.

  1. Dealer’s Cards

A dealer will show his or her 2 cards.

  1. Winning

Your hands will be compared to the dealer. Winner will be the one, who beat 5 card hand of a dealer. If you win and a dealer does not have any qualified hand, you will receive only your ante. However, if you win and a dealer has qualified hand, you will win ante as well as call bet.

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