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One of the best ways to do this, recommended by everyone who is financially successful in sports betting, is by far this:

Justify all bets. Point out in your notebook the 3 main reasons that lead you to believe that your bet is worthwhile. It may seem simplistic but believe me it works. It allows you to better understand your mistakes, improving your intuition and developing good discipline. Improving your winning sensitivity, and with that, winning money on bets is all about developing the right mindset.

To do this you need to be analytical and manage your emotions well something very difficult to achieve when you lose one (or more) bets. Focus on being a good bettor, the money will come accordingly. With the Best Online Sportsbooks this comes as the best.

Here are the tips to help you have the mindset of a successful gambler:

Be Realistic

Unless you have an incredible talent, you will hardly be a millionaire in a short time. Bets should not be seen as a quick win scheme.

Emotional Discipline

  • You will lose some bets. It is inevitable.
  • You have to know how to accept this, so that when it happens, you don’t sabotage yourself by betting irrationally to try to recover what you’ve lost.
  • Gambling with pride is the surest way to lose. Remember, you have to be analytical and consciously bet to be successful.

Anticipate these types of situations by thinking:


Making money on sports betting is not easy. Most of those who try can’t do it because they give up too soon expect to start making a profit within the first month. It becomes even easier to give up if you don’t follow methods that allow you to approach the task in a structured way, as we teach you here. Again, you will lose a few times. Luck and bad luck go hand in hand; I’m sure you’ll eventually be unlucky to lose a few bets in a row. Even if you get discouraged, don’t give up.

Take a break for a week and then come back.

Financial success in betting like any other in life is a process of constant evolution. Your improvements will happen little by little. The more persistent you are, the better your reward will be.

Keeps You In Constant Learning

Be humble and keep an open mind. Try to understand, by consulting your bet book and such justifications, what you missed in the predictions that failed. After some time, you will end up realizing that you have a higher hit rate in a particular sport, or in markets like “Goals in the 2nd Part”, or in games of a certain championship. This is normal.

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