Impact of Coronavirus on the Gambling Industry

During 2020, many if not all industries have been affected by the global pandemic caused by Covid-19 due to lockdown and social distancing restrictions put in place by governments.   One industry that have been affected in both positive and negatives ways is the gambling industry. In the UK, casinos have been one of the last businesses that have been able to re-open again due to being deemed as a high-risk location for Coronavirus to be able to spread and therefore have been severely hit.

Due to this, many mainstream casinos have struggled during this time due to next to zero revenue being brought in in their high-street casinos and bookies and we have seen many companies close their shops for good. This has of course affected many companies and even more importantly the loss of jobs in the industry have been some of the worst hit in the UK alone, increasingly worse across the globe.

Furthermore, because of these closures on the high street, many gambling operators have noticed a trend in which former players of the high-street casinos and bookies have been using online alternatives to ensure that they are still able to get their online fix during the height of the lockdown. Although the closures in the industries is not a positive, it has shown that living in the digital age that we do, many punters have still been able to add to the industries during these dark times. These non-gamstop casinos have been one of the main beneficiaries of these unprecedented times due to the high-quality casinos that they are offering to us consumers, the 24/7 access that they offer which is able to be accessed online meaning many have still be able to gamble in the lockdown, and all tied in with the offers and sign-up bonuses that they have for all new customers is certainly a factor as to why they have been doing so good in 2020.

Other parts of the industry that have particularly struggled during the lockdowned months were that of areas that are heavily dependent on gambling like Las Vegas and Monte Carlo.  Of course the casinos in these locations have also been shut by governments as they have been targeted as high-risk areas for the infection rates and have therefore likely see a drop in numbers not just in their casinos, but also from tourists which of course is going to have an effect on the economy.

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