Look for the Right Betting Options

In the first period, the weak team will actively defend, while the favorites do not rush things and prefer to study the opponent. If the difference in the opponents’ play is significant, you can bet more than 2.5 on total in the second period and win at relatively high odds.

The essence of the strategy of a fixed percentage of the bank

One of the simplest 더킹카지노 methods for determining the rate, it helps to competently manage the available bank and reduces the possibility of losing to a minimum. The essence of the method is to always set a specified percentage of funds, regardless of the outcome of the previous transaction. After each bet, the bank is recalculated, respectively, the amount changes. Since you don’t want to lose large sums, beginners are advised to choose no more than 3%, experienced players can increase the rate to 5%. A higher score is associated with a higher risk of losing quickly.

Express football betting strategy


A kind of multi-bet when you make several predictions at the same time. An important condition is that all bets must play, otherwise the entire accumulator is lost. It may seem that long lineups with cosmic odds will be effective, but in practice the best results are shown by express trains of 2-3 events.

The betting forks strategy

Using this method, you can win with a probability close to 100%. However, the profit will be no more than 1-3% of the bet, so you need to bet large amounts. Mathematical calculations are also required.

For example, with different bookmakers you bet on:

  • draw
  • victory of the first team
  • winning the second team

The bank must be divided into 3 parts in accordance with the odds. This is the main difficulty in betting, since it is difficult to accurately determine the amount of each prediction. You can use special programs, but you have to pay for the data. It should also be borne in mind that bookmakers are wary of surebets and may block the account if your actions are too obvious.

The essence of the Monty Hall paradox

The Monty Hall paradox is one of the most famous problems in probability theory. Her decision does not fit into the framework of common sense and seems absurd. The study of the phenomenon is useful for understanding the probability of occurrence of certain events. In some situations, the strategy will save you from making incorrect predictions.

Conditions of the problem:

The host of the TV show suggests opening one of the doors: behind one there is a car, behind two others a goat is hiding. Let’s say you chose door number 1. After that, the leader opens door 2 or 3, where the goat is, and then asks if you would like to change your mind. The question is whether changing the decision will increase the odds of winning. At the same time, the frauds of the organizers are excluded.

Usually players trust their intuition and stick to their choice. In reality, those who use the offer win 2 times more often. Many believe that second choice does not increase the odds of success, which were initially 33.3%. In fact, the second attempt gives 66.6% to win.


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