Online Casinos- the Gaming Experience like Never Before

The online gambling industry, the virtual entertainment industry, is growing at a tremendous speed. According to research conducted by a European university; almost 40% of internet users play online casino games. Some other studies reveal the figure can go up to 50%. Active online players come from all caste, creed, gender and age. Each and everyone can find their cup of tea in the virtual world of gambling. Everyone can find entertainment according to their taste, some like classic three-reel slots, some like roulette, and others prefer card games like poker and blackjack. Many people are zealous about online gambling, even those who never entered a traditional casino hall.

Some interesting facts

Since the inception of online casino in the year 1997, known as Internet Casino System Version IV, now there are more than 2000 registered legal casinos in the digital world.

The largest win in the history of online casino was worth a staggering 18 million Euros. It was won by a beginner bettor citizen of Helsinki, Finland in mere 30 minutes while playing Mega Fortune.

Players over 30 years spend significant time in pursuit of online casino games. In average they spend 3 to 5 hours on casino games. Younger people prefer entertainment without financial risk.

11% of internet users of the world are active wagers of online casino games. According to a study, their favorite casino game is poker.

Latest study reveals 84% of total online casino audiences are male. Females are less attracted to gambling due to their inherently conservative nature.

Most countries impose age restriction for online gambling; even they have made online casino legitimate. Only one can indulge in online gambling activities after the age of 21.

Mobile casino

In modern days almost everyone uses a Smartphone, which not only enables you to make, receive calls and messages have other unique features. Online casinos have used this modern technology judiciously by offering casino games which can be played in your Smartphone. Some of the best online casinos in Asia pacific region like ts911 endorse mobile applications. Mobile casino games offer you the opportunity to play your favorite game at any time from any place through your handheld devices which have an internet connection. Mobile gamings have infused flexibility and portability with respect to gaming.

Summing up

Virtual reality and augmented reality are states of the art technology that improved the quality of service and games provided by online casinos. These path-breaking technologies have improved and transformed many industries, and online casino is no exception. With a virtual reality headset, you can experience casino games like never before which is very similar to a real-world casino. With these modern technologies, gaming and user experience is greatly enhanced. Artificial intelligence or AI is another technology which has immensely changed online casinos. It not only enhances casino games but the complete online casino platform. Chatbots is an example of AI, which helps in processing payout. Another field in which it is implemented widely is, when you play against machines instead of humans.

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