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First Aspect to Look Down Upon

To summarize, we first saw together how to bet on 먹튀 football (in FDJ outlets or on online betting sites) and the available betting formulas (single, combined or system). Then, we gave you advice on how to bet well on football: remember to opt for this or that strategy, don’t forget to analyze (at least 5 minutes per match) and follow up on your bets. Next, we have listed some mistakes to avoid making in order to become a winner in sports betting. And finally, we finished by explaining to you how to start to bet without risk thanks to the welcome bonus of the betting sites.

Before betting on such and such a match and in order to put the odds on its side, it is necessary to begin by learning how to properly analyze a football match or another sport. In this article, we are going to give you all the advice that is necessary to conduct a good analysis and better succeed in your sports betting. Discover below an infographic mentioning the 10 most important criteria to perfectly analyze a football match.

Football match analysis

Analyzing a football, tennis or basketball match is an essential step to increase your chances of winning in sports betting . Indeed, in this universe, we must leave very little room for intuition. We advise you to take 5 to 10 minutes (minimum) of your time to carry out your analysis of the match (s) on which you wish to bet. If you go through this step, you’ve already done 50% of the work.

How to properly analyze a football match?

Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of criteria and tips that we invite you to read in order to make a good analysis of a football match before placing your sports bets. This list of criteria can also apply to other sports:

The shape of the moment is certainly the most important criterion. Take for example the history of the last 5 games of teams (or tennis players).

The place where the match takes place: who plays at home? Who is playing outside? Or on neutral ground. This location factor is very important.

The stake of the meeting is also to be taken into consideration. Indeed, if such or such a team plays the maintenance on this match, it is a safe bet that the motivation will be there and that could have consequences on the outcome of the match.

The moment in the season asks are we at the start of the season? In this case, it is better not to bet a lot of money because some teams may not have had time to get started yet. Think of these kind of little details when you analyze a soccer game.

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