The 8 points to analyze before betting on an Over or Under

The form of the moment is that it is essential to take a look at the form of the moment if you want to choose this type of bet. For example, if a team in good shape, which scores goal on goal, meets a team in loss of confidence, and which concedes a lot of goals in recent times, there is a good bet for that we see the show. On the one hand, a team will use its good momentum to score goals, and on the other hand, the opposing team will try to react by scoring at least 1 goal. However, this criterion is far from sufficient.

Large-scale stats

Don’t just look at the stats only for the last 5 games. Average the goals scored over at least 15-20 games in total to get a better idea of ​​the Over or Under with 파워볼게임 sites. Likewise, don’t forget to look at how many times this or that team has passed an Over or an Under. Why ? Because, for example, the average of goals may very well be greater than 3 in the last 15 games played by OL. On the other hand, in these 15 games, there is a 5-0 or even a 6-2 which distort the stats. If we withdraw these 2 games (big scores), we see that the average goals drops to 2.4 (for example).

The place of the match

Indeed, the place of the match can affect the outcome of the result. In general, teams score more goals when they play at home. And outside, they can be content to defend without really discovering themselves. But this is not valid for all teams, fortunately. So take the time to look at the stats of the teams when they play at home and when they are playing out of their bases.

The stake of the match

It is also very important to keep abreast of the context of the match and more particularly of the stake of this last. For example, in the 1or4 of the Champions League, if a team won 5-0 in the first leg, chances are they will play more calmly in the second leg. The Over 2.5 would then not be a very good option. Again, there are several criteria to consider. Another example, if a team has to heal its championship goal average in order to get a place on the podium, chances are it is very much on the attack.

The calendar to come

This is another fact that should not be overlooked. Staff shifts are frequent with the approach of big deadlines. For example, if PSG has a 1or8 return from the Champions League to negotiate against Real Madrid, the Parisian coach could put a team bis for the championship match that precedes this very big match. This bis team will then have less rhythm because the players have less playing time and scoring could be more difficult.


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