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Besides being easy to use and highly effective, the double number catching method has also shown its convincing effect and helped lots of players to receive rewards that worth to them.

There are many kinds of double number. One of them is the kind that have 2 identical numbers, the double ratio is also more dense than other types.

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To get valuable double number, the first step is you must follow the lottery results weekly, if the lottery that day has dumb heads and dumb tails, then you can easily look for double number for yourself with a much higher winnings for the following days.

The experience of the “masters” is passed on that if the result appears dumb head, it is recommended to raise the head of that head for 3 days and the dumb tail should be raised by that tail for the next 2 days. For example, both heads 4 and 9 are dumb, please raise 2 double numbers, 44 and 99. The double lottery method is quite easy to illuminate, but it

brings a big win rate for children to participate. This way is often used by high-ranking people often in the world of threads.

Among the current methods of choosing numbers, catching “bach thu lo” is also one of the ways that bring high efficiency. However, this way of playing also requires a lot of effort to learn. How to start the lottery according to lottery results:

According to the lottery results, you will see that the pair of number between two numbers are the same. For example, today’s jackpot is 89379 that among them is 37, it between two numbers 9. This is an important sign for “bach thu lo”.

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When you have chosen the number 37 already please keep it within 3 days. This number rarely appears, so if you meet it you are a lucky person. Keep it up and you will get rewards. By following the steps above, you will maintain the amount of capital as much as possible and easily find your own beautiful number. This number is highly appreciated by lottery enthusiasts with a probability of up to 90%. In particular, this demand often returns regularly during the week and is quite stable. You can refer to choose beautiful number by yourself. If you improve and be good at these techniques, you will find a world of wealth, prosperity and your passion.

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