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Somewhere on this site, it is quite well described how these competitions work. Freerolls differ from regular tournaments in that guess what no participation is paid. Poker sites organize such competitions mainly for promotional purposes, to attract potential players, so although there is no participation, there are prizes. Of course, these awards are just a crumb compared to those that can be won in real competitions, but the gift is not looked in the teeth. (we add that in some freeroll competitions the value of the first three places won is over $ 100, which is not bad)

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Why a good freeroll?

First of all, it’s free. A few dollars can be won without payment, with which the first steps in the game ring can be made easily, without risk.

It’s a much better opportunity than playing at play-money tables.

A little more about the last item:

As we’ve already written, bandar poker idn games have nothing to do with poker, so they can’t be useful for free practice. Freeroll tournaments, however, are perfect for this purpose. Of course, there are stupid players here, who play without a connection, but approximately these people drop out (or start playing normally) in the middle of the tournament. At that moment, the game is not much different from a fierce fight in which a lot of experience can be gained.

The only thing to watch out for is that the strategy of competing in poker is significantly different from normal games. The experiences gained in this way cannot be unconditionally used in the game-ring, but in terms of the value of the game, it is the best opportunity to practice.

  • Sometimes some poker sites organize quite serious freeroll tournaments. For example, in the case of large promotional activities, or perhaps on the occasion of Easter or Christmas.

If someone is not ready to spend more money on poker, let them approach it from this angle! Website we recommend the sites. On this site, there is also a page called “free competitions”, where you can find all the important freeroll competitions.

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One more thing:

In many places they are called agen idnpoker, which do not have a participation that can be expressed in dollars, but participation in the competition is conditioned by something. For example, a competitor needs to play a certain amount of rake-hand behind him, or he needs to play a certain number of hours on a given site, etc. Unfortunately, such competitions are freerolls only for players who normally play poker on that site. Bet365 poker site, for example, organizes a monthly freeroll for players who played 250 rake hands the previous month.


So, if you don’t want or don’t want to risk a single dollar, but you’re still so interested in the thing that you’d be happy to sacrifice your free time at poker, then start participating in freerolls.

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