The Steps You need to Be Sure About the Bets

The theory is that you multiply your bet each time you lose, so as to recover your losses and collect your winnings on the next winning bet. The longer the losing streak goes on, the more the amount of your losses accumulates and the amount of your next bet increases.

Follow the example, theoretically 먹튀검증 betting on an odds at 2 with a first bet of € 10. In practice, your odds will never be exactly the same from one match to another and you will therefore have to calculate to adjust your bets:

  • 1 st bet € 10 – (Total loss of € 10)
  • 2 nd stake € 20 – (Total loss of € 30)
  • 3rd bet 40 € – (Total loss of 70 €)
  • 4th stake € 80 – (Total loss of € 150)
  • 5th stake € 160 – (Total loss of € 310)
  • 6th bet € 320 – (Total loss of € 630)
  • 7th bet 640 € – (Total loss of 1270 €)
  • 8th stake € 1,280 – (Total loss of € 2,650)

By betting € 10 on a at 2 odds you initially hoped to win € 10, with a losing martingale 7 consecutive times, you will now have to bet € 1270 to win only € 10. On the 7th attempt, there is no guarantee that your bet will win and the spiral can continue.

It is quite plausible to chain a long bad series. Is it worth 10 € for 10 €? Are you going to get rich by using a martingale? Do you know the answer .

Winning strategies

Fixed bet

This way of betting involves placing a fixed amount for each bet, regardless of whether the previous bet won or lost. The system has the advantage of being quick and simple to use. No calculation is necessary. By using this way of betting you can also quickly compare and evaluate the respective performance of several trading systems in relation to each other.

How to use a fixed bet on a Lay?

In this case, your stake must not exceed the amount of your liability. Remember that Lay are the reverse of Back . When you bet on a Lay, the amount of your bet is limited by your liability. If the Lay odds are at 3 and your bets are only € 10, you will only bet € 5. Because your liability is 10 €. If you are not comfortable with his notions of Lay and liability, I recommend that you read the article: What is Sport Trading?

Fixed proportional stake

With this strategy, you always bet a fixed percentage of your capital on each selection. It can be 1, 2 and then 5% of your bankroll. This amount can be adapted according to several parameters, either the amount of your bankroll or the amount of odds played.





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