The Understandings for the Best betting calculations

Balance sheet, the eaglets did not manage to beat the Trojan porter more than 1 time. With the presence of the 4 additional offensive assets mentioned above, the outcome of the match would certainly have been different.

It is the impact of absent 먹튀검증 players is not always obvious, but in most cases it is very significant. This is certainly one of the reasons for the poor performance of the Nice against the Trojans. It should also be noted that Nice played against Naples the following week in the Champions League play-offs.

And yes, you are not dreaming, it is possible to increase your bankroll by at least € 70 and this for sure! Your option is, in a way, the capital or the amount of money that you allocate to your sports betting. Thanks to a simple and effective method, you will be able to earn money “for free” and without taking the slightest risk. In the following paragraphs, we explain the principle and how to proceed through a concrete example.

The principle

It is simple to understand and easy to put into practice.

Some bookmakers offer welcome bonuses of the “1st bet reimbursed up to € 100” type and offer more favorable withdrawal conditions. This is the case for and The method, to earn free money and increase your bankroll in a certain way, consists in placing your 1st bet (eligible for reimbursement) on a result with 2 possible outcomes. It is necessary to choose odds which are roughly equivalent on the 2 bookmakers and which are of the order of at 1.70 – at 1.80 approximately.

Thus, by simultaneously making your 1st bet (refunded) on both outcomes, you will necessarily be a winner. With bookmaker A (for example Betclic), you will bet € 100 on the 1st outcome and with bookmaker B (for example Winamax), you will bet € 100 on the 2nd outcome. If the 1st issue is wrong, you will benefit from the reimbursement bonus. In this case, the 2nd outcome is necessarily correct and you earn money and vice versa. Then you can withdraw all (your refunded bet + your winnings) from your account. You must therefore have made a profit.

Example of bets with 2 possible outcomes:

  • “The 2 teams score” in football. In this case, it is “yes” or “no”
  • “Over / Under” or “More / less goals” (valid for all sports)
  • Bet on the “result” of the tennis match. Here, there are only 2 possibilities => victory of player 1 or victory of player 2 etc.

However, betting on the outcome of a football match is not applicable to this method because in this case, there are 3 possible outcomes: victory for team 1, draw or victory for team 2 (1N2).


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