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In terms of gambling revenue generation in the US, the state of Pennsylvania ranks second in all casino states. Like the Parx Casino, most of the brick and mortar gambling facilities in the state are horse racing tracks with attached casinos. Parx is the largest casino in Philadelphia and boasts of 3500 machine slots. For Pennsylvania gamblers, Parx is home to a variety of games, with the most popular being blackjack and baccarat.

As the rest of the world embraces technological advancement, the gambling industry has not been left behind. Live dealer casinos are the latest buzz in the industry. Parx casino, in particular, is already raising the Philadelphia gambling stakes. The casino will soon be home to the first Pennsylvania live dealer games. Parx recently signed an agreement with tech giant Evolution Gaming to roll out live dealer platforms for gambling in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Live Dealer Casino Games

In recent times, more and more gamers are finding it more convenient to place bets in the comfort of their homes instead of having to visit land-based casinos. In the contemporary casino industry, live dealer casinos are rapidly gaining popularity and importance. As the name suggests, live dealer casino games are those that be accessed online but have live human dealers rather than computer systems. Through live stream, gamers can place their bets through human dealers irrespective of their location. The players are dealt with ridiculously large cards to avoid any disputes concerning the value of the cards. Citing authenticity, most punters prefer to live dealer casino games to the prior online casino games where computers use random number generators (RNG).

Popular Live Dealer Casino Games

Some of the popular live dealer games expected to be available at Parx include blackjack, roulette, baccarat, three card poker, and Hold’em. These games can be played over an internet connection from the comfort of your mobile device or PC. Typically, the games will be accessed from the online lobby of the casino. You will then select a table according to the game you wish to play. The tables may be categorized according to the stake amount. After securing a table, you will then be prompted to choose a dealer from a long list of attractive dealers. You cannot directly communicate with the dealer, but she can speak to you. She will prompt you to place a bet, and the game continues the way it would on a table in land-based casinos.

Advantages to Be Accrued from Playing the Pennsylvania Live Dealer Casino Games

• Experience cutting edge technology- to provide uninterrupted and smooth live experience, live casinos use multiple HD cameras and streaming software. Players can select the quality of the video to obtain, depending on the quality of the internet they have. Thanks to these technologies, punters can keep track of the gameplay by observing every detail of play by the house dealer.

• The authenticity of the game- unlike in the RNG online casino games, players can attest to the authenticity of the game outcomes. Just like in brick and mortar casinos, the players can participate in real-time gameplay.

• Play anytime anywhere- the games will be accessible from any location and at any time. Players can place bets at the comfort of their couches at home and not have to worry about foul play.

• Secure withdrawals- online casinos offer a variety of banking methods. Punters can, therefore, be assured of the security of their deposits and withdrawals.

• Live chat features- gamers in Pennsylvania will enjoy live communication with the dealers as they place their bets through the live chat feature of the Parx casino live dealer gaming platform.

The legality of Playing Pennsylvania Live Dealer Casino Games

By signing HB 271 into law, Gov. Tom Wolf made online gambling in Pennsylvania legal.

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