Top Tips on Using Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

During its early days, the Bitcoin gambling industry faced a number of hurdles. A lot of players were very skeptical of cryptocurrencies as a concept, and the majority of regulators had decided to look in a different direction. Despite all the odds, the industry persisted through all the tough times and later on went on to become a thriving business, and a huge part of that success can be credited to the Bitcoin casino bonuses. Players, both old and new, shifted their focus towards this industry from their regular favorites, owing to these bonuses. It helped in a big way to give the cryptocurrency gambling industry a massive boost which shot it to the top tier of online gambling. The bonuses were bigger, better, and more enticing than other available ones – basically, everything they needed to attract a new market of players. So much so that even though several years have gone by since the industry gained a foothold, the cryptocurrency casinos have become just as common as their fiat currency counterparts, with the bonuses still bigger and better most of the time. This bitstarz review has been given to you so that you know the best tricks to best utilize your Bitcoin Casino Bonuses.

Workings of Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

Bitcoin casino bonuses are generally quite large in comparison to traditional currencies. To put this into perspective, the casinos favor Bitcoin casino bonuses that offer both of the currencies mentioned above rather than traditional ones. The only drawback is that the money is generally not released in a single go. A large percentage of Bitcoin casino bonuses have a structure that resembles those of online poker bonuses. i.e., the players are provided with a fixed sum on the basis of their deposit and are then supposed to earn the sum over time.

For example, in case a player unlocks a complete bonus of 5 BTCs after depositing the same amount, instead of acquiring these Bitcoins together, the player must earn them by placing bets. The player could be provided with 0.5 BTCs for every 20, 50, or 100 BTCs that he/she wagers. It may not seem as impressive as a typical Welcome Bonus. However, it means the wagering requirements come prior to the bonus and not after. In the long run, they more or less even out.

Tips for Using Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

  • Opt for Quality rather than Quantity

In some cases, a bonus that offers 1 BTC can be preferable to one that offers 5 BTC. It is all dependent on the way that money is released and how the player can use it. For example, a 5 BTC bonus can be spread across several deposits, requiring the player to wager a lot of money every time. The credits are only released when the player makes multiple wagers as a member. But, 1 BTC bonus can be released at once. It provides the player with a lot of Free Spins along with other perks.

  • Wagering Requirements

Make sure that you check the bonus terms and conditions and deduce the size of the wagering requirements. Try not to focus on the number since several terms are fixed against the bonus, while others are decided against the deposit, and in some cases, both. Let’s say, for example, that you deposit 1 BTC and get an extra 1 BTC in credits. If the wagering requirements are 50x and have been decided against the deposit or the bonus, you must clear 50x or 50 BTCs. But, on the flip side, it covers not only the deposit but also the bonus. So the 50 BTC turns into 100 BTC, which can be valued at over $1 million, on the basis of the price of Bitcoin. The amount of time that you possess for clearing this rate is important as well. The two of them are directly proportional to each other. Ideally, you require an absolute minimum of 1 week for each 20x. Anything less than that will make your task nearly impossible, especially if you do not gamble frequently.

  • Keep the Cashout and Game Limits in mind

All the bonuses keep you restricted to particular games and wagers, and this is done to prevent you from playing Roulette and betting everything on either Red or Black. In the majority of cases, your betting limit will be capped at the equivalent of $5. Despite it being possible to bet more, the excess money won’t be counted toward your wagering requirements. Only the slots count 100% toward your bonuses. A few table games can count for between 5% and 25%, while everything else, including some slot machines, will not count. Add to that that you might be limited to how much it is possible to win with a single spin and bonus. You must consider both these terms before accepting a bonus.

  • Play the Right Games

The best way for you to clear your Bitcoin bonus wagering requirements is by playing slot machines that provide a high RTP(Return to Player) average, preferably in excess of 97%. In case that is unavailable, try to select the one that is closest to it. Keep playing as you would normally, and focus your attention on winning as much as possible. As you near the end, you may consider shifting to low volatility games. Truthfully, Casinos ensure that you cannot clear the requirements easily. They stop you from wagering a large sum of money one spin while also stopping you from engaging in low house edge table games, including Blackjack and Baccarat. So you often have to abide by the casino’s strict rules, making it hard on your balance.


Bitcoin casino bonuses come in different shapes and sizes and can be categorized into six broad groups: welcome bonuses, matched deposit bonuses, free spins, no deposit bonuses, loyalty schemes, and cashback bonuses. These bonuses can be used as a great marketing strategy. Casinos use them to get you to join their site instead of a competitor’s. Like every other thing in an online casino, bonuses are carefully structured to ensure that a casino’s losses are kept to an absolute minimum. So we have given this bitstarz review to give you a competitive edge that will help you find out the best ways possible to use your bonuses.

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