What is a bonus at bookmakers? Are all bonuses the same?

Among the different bookmakers that exist on the Internet are a wide variety of welcome bonuses to start betting online. There are countless of them. It is necessary to know some basic concepts to choose the bond that interests us the most at all times and avoid being haunted. These are just a few tips, but they can help us get off to a good start in our exciting world of sports betting.

Types of bonuses according to the moment of receiving the bonus: instant, activation and promotional

Thus, we can differentiate between various types of bonds depending on when they enter the amount of the same. Some enter the amount of the bet bonus at the same time we register on the platform. Meanwhile, others wait to deposit the money until we have made our first bet or enter the code sent to us by email. And finally, we find exclusive bonuses that depend on a specific promotion. These promotions are only offered at some point as a reward for actions such as inviting friends to the usual bookmaker.

Types of bonds by the degree of risk: those that return the amount entered (without risk) and those that increase it

It is also very important to differentiate between cash back bonuses, which return your money if you lose your first bet. There are also those that double the money you deposit when you register, but do not return anything in case you lose.

Refund bonuses

In the first case, it is an amount of money that you can bet without risk on your first bets, while you get used to the system and learn how to bet.


However, in the second case, the money that has been entered at any time is not recovered; there is simply more money to place the first bets. In this type of bonus, some bookmakers go one step further with more restrictive conditions, and they impose on you how the bonus should be used.

For example, when you register at William Hill, they offer you a bonus that goes from 10 to 100 euros, depending on the amount you enter. But the first condition you have is that your first bet must be equal to the amount you have entered for your registration. You must bet the Half on your first attempt to enjoy the bonus. The second condition will be to make three more bets before you can withdraw money from your account.

  1. Some conditions:

Time limitations: You have to spend the bet bonus within 15 days after registration, for example.

Minimum amount: Others require you to place bets with a minimum amount, forcing you to place bets of a minimum of 20 euros each.

Which bonus is best for us?

Having already a slight idea of how the bond world works, we can say that one or another bond can be chosen depending on our intentions. The best option for a beginner is the risk-free bonds in which the William Hill app returns the money in case of losing the first bet.

These bonuses offer the opportunity to test the system to see if we like it and, if we are not satisfied, we will be able to withdraw the money and find another better site.

As for the second type of bonuses, those that double the amount entered up to a certain maximum when registering would be better options for expert players. Choose the bonus that interests you the most and show what you are capable of in sports betting.


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