What Makes Details for the Perfect Sports Betting Deals for You Now

You are likely to know when less than 2.5 will occur in that match and how to know over 2.5? For those who do maths it is already obvious: you subtract = 1 – probability of under 2.5. We know that things got foggy for some and so let’s use a practical example with Saturday’s Premier League round. You need to think for some handy calculations. You need to have the best 먹튀 site here now.

Practical example

In Tottenham vs West Bromwich you review the match and aim for over 2.5 goals. And now? How to calculate an ideal odd for this event?

In this game we took the global average at home and away from the last games and got the probability of under 2.5 to be 41.85% so the minimum odd for under 2.5 in this game is at 2.38 (to calculate the odd divide 1 / 41.85% ) to calculate the chance of over you make 1 – 41.85% = 58.15% ( 1 / 51.85% = 1.71 ) so the odds of over must be at least at 1.71. So if after your game analysis you are offered odds greater than at 1.71 for over 2.5 (which is what you initially analyzed as the scenario of this game) you get and then you actually have a value Odd on your hands. 

Draw no Bet is a well-known market in football, where the player will get his money back if the game ends in a draw. It is very easy to understand. Tottenham and Liverpool will play at White Hart Lane this weekend and you want to bet on Liverpool, however, you know that a draw is a very possible result and that this could disrupt your bets. In the Draw no Bet (DNB) market you can bet on Liverpool, and if the match ends in a draw, your bet will be void and the money returned. As the name of the market itself says.

This is a very interesting bet. But in the long run the gambler is losing money by betting in this market because the gambling sites don’t pay the real odds of what they really have to pay. Therefore, in this text we will teach you how to maximize your profits as an alternative to this market.

Two lucrative alternatives to Draw no Bet

There is a simple mathematical calculation for the 1 × 2 market and there is also the Asian handicap market, which are two more lucrative alternative options, with the same effect as betting on Draw Betting/ DNB.

Alternative 1 – 1 × 2 Market

The first alternative is to bet a draw amount that will equal the total bet you would draw on Bet.

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