Win Your Fate With The Mind-Boggling Extra Chilli Slots

Playing extra chilli slot will defiantly promote lots of fun with the unorthodox game. It is a type of big gaming that can be played from multiple countries across the world. The inception of this game has occurred in Mexico with their famous chilli peppers. The interesting part of this gaming world is, the RTP is rate is almost 96. 79 per cent. When the number of rows keeps changing after each spin, there are total of six reels and lots of ways to win. This gaming type is unique and has already started gaining prominence among bettors. The game is known for its high volatility slots, where wins are very frequent. Each win comes with a big amount to bring a wide smile in the bettor’s face.

Features of extra chilli slots

The game supports two wild bonus symbols and hence, they can be incorporated as free spins. Some of the symbols represented are:

    • Red, blue, purple and green chilli
    • Low-paying symbols from Ace to 9


  • The firework symbols are big and wild


The concept of wild symbols

When it comes to Extra Chilli slots, the wild slots in this game are actually the fireworks in the form symbol. It has the power of replacing other symbols shown on the reels to make the ultimate winning combinations. Even if the number of rows in this game varies, an additional row can be noticed just under the reels under every spin. With this, the availability of winning the games keeps changing with several alterations. After each combination of winning, the symbols that are involved in the winning combination disappear to replace those which are above the reel. By achieving three golden hot symbols, the opportunity to free spins can be triggered. With this, an award of eight spins can be achieved that expands the multiplier starting with 1x. It then increases with each combination of winning drop symbol.

Things to remember

In terms of additional hot symbol gained during each free spin, bettors can open up the feature to earn four more spins. It is important to keep an eye on the chilli bowls that is represented under the main set of reels. This is because, three of them will help you to earn four more spins with the same number of awards making it to eight spins. It is suggested to take help from professionals to achieve top tips for the extra chilli slot. Make sure that the tip provider has already the game so that real strategy can be earned based on his/ her experience. No to worry, as there are chances of playing this game – as most bettors from around the world are becoming a part of this trend. 

When going for free spins, bettors can also choose to use the “gamble” feature so that earnings can be increased. Spin with the winning combination can provide free twenty-four spins. On the contrary, if you lose, all of them can be lost.

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